Several Belnet customers are impacted by the revocation of EV certificates from the TERENA SSL High Assurance CA 3 by Saturday 11 July at 8 pm. All of them have been contacted by email. The problem concerns all currently valid EV certificates issued under the DigiCert contract. Our impacted customers can find more information on our status page.


Belnet, 4 strategic service quality oriented goals

At Belnet, the strategy is oriented towards the highest level of service quality and total customer satisfaction.

Our strategic objectives, much more than good intentions:

For Belnet, the priorities are:

  • Operational Excellence: we strive for quality services that enjoy the trust of our affiliated institutions.
  • Security: information security is central and is an essential part of our operation, services and activities.
  • Dedicated Services: we provide services that meet the specific needs of our community.
  • Performing Organisation: we are a professional and high-performance organisation that is optimally tuned to achieve our mission.

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