FedMAN and FedWAN: the pillars of government IT infrastructure

Belnet also manages FedMAN (Federal Metropolitan Area Network), the network that connects the various federal public services (FPS) in Brussels to each other and to the Internet, and this, broadband.

FedMAN is fully integrated with the Belnet network and is an essential part of the IT infrastructure of the federal authority; in addition, it plays an important role in the communication and services offered to Belgian citizens.

In addition to the FedMAN offering, Belnet also provides WAN services to the Federal Public Services. The FPS Finance has called on Belnet to take charge, develop and operate its WAN network. Belnet has connected the 193 regional offices of the FPS Finance to each other and to the headquarters in Brussels.

Belnet's FedWAN services enable governments to realize significant savings and improve the quality of service for their end users.

FedMAN and FedWAN are offered in the G-Cloud service portfolio for federal institutions.



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