Higher education

Belnet, a service offering dedicated to the academic world

A partner in your IT solutions, Belnet develops state-of-the-art services that meet the realities of higher education.

Since 1993, Belnet has offered its services to Universities, Colleges, social promotion institutions and European schools in Belgium. 

Belnet, tailored solutions for the academic community

In addition to a very high capacity network, we offer services dedicated to higher education such as eduroam.

eduroam is the Wi-Fi network that has replaced the old networks in universities and colleges. It allows millions of students to use the Wi-Fi of all affiliated institutions, around the world.

A collaboration with the education networks in Europe and around the world

Students and teachers connected to the Belnet network are linked to the GÉANT European network. It brings together all National Research and Education Networks (NREN) in Europe.

GÉANT is the largest network in the world, with a network of 38 NRENs, 50 million users and 10,000 institutions.

Globally, GÉANT is interconnected with NRENs in more than 100 countries.

A team serving education

In addition to workshops and our help desk, at your service 24/7, more than 70 employees offer you every day: 

  • Dedicated services: Listening to the actors of the academic world, we develop services and infrastructures that are specific to your needs.
  • A high level of efficiency: We are constantly investing in technology in order to offer the best network quality. 
  • Continuous professionalism: With more than twenty years of expertise in the ICT sector for education and our international contacts with specialists, we are continually expanding our knowledge.
  • A partnership of trust: Neutral, we have no commercial interests. We guarantee an advantageous value for money. 
Student in a university library


"In addition to the connectivity with the network, Haute Ecole Condorcet uses several Belnet services, including eduroam, Belnet R&E Federation, FileSender and Belnet Storage.

The different campuses of the group were already connected to the Belnet network, which simplified the interconnection. The college of higher education only needed to use the Belnet network's Multipoint or dark fibre for the connection.

Thanks to this, we now make maximum use of Belnet's services, on all campuses. The connection with the updated optical Belnet network provides connections with speeds of up to 100 Gbits/s, or even higher. We benefit from improved performance and stability."

Guy Leroy, Haute Ecole Condorcet

All Belgian universities and many colleges are part of the Belnet community. Would you like to join your colleagues in the sector?

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