Belnet connects hospital institutions

Belnet, partner of higher education and research institutions, offers hospital staff a state-of-the-art network and services.

Students, teachers, researchers… there are so many players present on hospital sites. It would therefore seem logical for Belnet to offer health care institutions similar services to those available on campuses and research centres.

Services adapted to hospitals

Hospitals ask, first of all, for a quality network to exchange information between their services. On the other hand, some institutions have sites that are geographically dispersed. For these reasons, hospitals need a high-speed network, of high quality and with an impeccable level of security. With more than 20 years of expertise in ICT, Belnet is the benchmark in this field. 

Among the available services for your health care facility, eduroam is particularly suitable. It lets students, researchers, teachers working in hospitals be securely connected to the wireless network. 

Belnet, 4 priorities in its service to hospitals

The 4 pillars of our service to the hospital community:

  • Our dedicated offering: Listening to managers and IT specialists of the hospital world, we develop services and infrastructures that are specific to your field.
  • Our efficiency: We are continuously investing in technology in order to offer the best possible network quality. It is one of the highest performing in the world and we intend it to stay that way.
  • Our professionalism: More than twenty years of expertise in the ICT sector means something! To offer you the best, we continue to expand our knowledge with more than 70 employees and our international contacts.
  • Our guarantee of trust: As a neutral partner, devoid of commercial interests, we guarantee an advantageous value for money. 

Are you curious to know our references in your sector? Do you represent a hospital that is not yet connected to the Belnet network?

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