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Belnet, ICT partner of federal and regional administrative offices

Belnet offers services to administrative offices that are oriented towards better communication, greater staff mobility and strengthened security

Belnet has addressed administrative offices since 2009. It is a community of thousands of users who need specific and secure solutions. 

govroam, a service dedicated to the staff of administrative offices

govroam is an example of a solution developed for administrative offices. It is a Wi-Fi roaming service dedicated to the staff of administrative offices that are connected to the Belnet network. It allows employees to surf on the Wi-Fi networks of other participating organisations. 

This service participates in the development of satellite administrative offices, a plus for mobility. 

FedMAN, a Belnet offering for the Federal Public Services

35 federal administrative seats are connected to FedMAN (Federal Metropolitan Area Network), a high-speed network linking the Federal Public Services to each other and the internet. 

It plays a major role in services to citizens, by making applications such as Tax on web available.

And in the event of an incident, our Service Desk responds 24/7.

WANFIN, a custom project for FPS Finance

WANFIN is the name of the project that connects the 193 offices of FPS Finance to the Brussels headquarters through the WAN network.

A WAN network (Wide Area Network) is a network that connects the regional offices of government administrations to the internet and provides remote access to applications implemented at the head office.  

The network capacity has been strengthened to allow the FPS to use Cloud services.

Network security for administrative offices, a priority for Belnet

Public organisations are targeted by DDoS type attacks or attempts at computer destabilization. Belnet is the partner of your IT security by providing advanced services such as Belnet DDoS Mitigation.


Are you a manager of an administrative office and would like to be connected to the Belnet network?

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