Review of the Advanced DDoS Security webinar held on 18 January

Published on Mon, 01/29/2024 - 12:22

The webinar on our Advanced DDoS Security service attracted a lot of interest. The slides and video, with a detailed presentation of the service and the recommendation scheme, are now available. We also remind you that unprotected customers who urgently need DDoS protection can use the Emergency Onboarding.

Belnet organised an information session on Thursday, 18 January to provide a more in-depth description of our Advanced DDoS Security solution. During this webinar, our Technical Advisor, Nicolas Kharkevitch, explained how our solution works and presented the different types of attacks, illustrating his point with specific examples. In particular, he presented some of the types of attack mitigated thanks to our solution, and mentioned a few 'best practices' for attacks not automatically handled by our systems.

The 46 participants had the opportunity to take note of the various recommendations to best complement their existing solution. Our Security Team prepared a diagram which was presented during our webinar. This recommendation scheme is available in the slides and on the video.

Emergency Onboarding available for unprotected customers

Without Advanced DDoS Security, Emergency Onboarding is possible in the event of an attack, but only under certain conditions. Since 2024, this emergency DDoS protection intervention has been charged at €10,000 (based on market prices applied by private providers). Furthermore, once emergency onboarding has been implemented, the organisation concerned will have to remain protected for one year, which involves an additional financial commitment.

In short, this emergency solution does exist, but we advise you to take action by opting for Advanced DDoS Security to limit the risk of substantial financial damage in the event of an attack.

Our anti-DDoS solution represents a basic level of protection, which we suggest you complement by taking a look at the recommendation diagram presented in our webinar.

If you weren't able to attend, or if you'd like to go back over some of the details, a video and the slides are available with the recommendations you need to effectively complement the protection you already have in place.

View the slides from the Advanded DDoS Security webinar

Would you like to receive the video? Send us an email with your full name and the name of your organisation.

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