EVENT - Belnet Networking Conference 2016

A look back on an eventful edition

The 2016 Belnet Networking Conference recently came to a close. The edition, which unfolded at The Egg this past Tuesday 25 October, brought together over a hundred participants (146 total), most of them from local universities and colleges. 

In the absence of Belnet's Director, Arnaud Etienne (Community Relations Director - Belnet) took the stage and echoed Jan Tooreele’s introduction speech.  That speech announced a BNC programme touching on many subjects, ranging from a rather full Cloud chapter to topics affecting the world today and tomorrow with new technologies such as robotics, blockchains, and even a rather gripping drone demo.


The Cloud chapter was led by Belnet and also by Amazon, via a presentation by Australian Brendan Bouffler (Amazon Web Services). Mario Vandaele (Project Leader - Belnet) presented “Stairway to the Cloud, getting there step-by-step”, which was the ideal complement to the afternoon interactive session that was led by Erik de Neve (Project Leader - Belnet) and Nicolas Loriau (Technical Advisor - Belnet), and provided additional information on the technical aspects of our Belnet Cloud Computing service. 

Two pre-lunch break presentations really caught our attention: first Nell Watson (Singularity University), who showed us how robotics is becoming more and more organic.  Then, the very interactive presentation by Karel Dekyvere (Microsoft) who went into the blockchain concept in greater detail with his presentation “Why blockchain is here to stay”. 

                                                                              Karel Dekyvere (Microsoft)

During the sandwich break, participants had a chance to try their luck playing a vintage version of the famous Nintendo game, Donkey Kong. A drone, an iPad and an iPhone were among the prizes, along with gifts offered by sponsors Ciena/Dynniq and Heynen.

In the afternoon, in addition to the presentations on Grid Computing by Romain Rougny (ULB, UA), High Performance Computing by Herman Moons (KULeuven) and the ScienceMAN3 project by Chris De Loof (Belspo), a high point of this edition was the presentation by Muluri Mirind. Hailing from Kinshasa, the information technology manager for the Congolese NREN presented his work with Cedesurk, where he is developing IT services and private Cloud projects for the Democratic Republic of Congo’s research and education network.

                                                                           Muliri Mirindi (Cedesurk)

Following three interactive sessions during the final break, the BNC2016 closed with a telepathically remote controlled drone demo. Muliri Mirindi even played along with this entertaining and rather surprising demonstration by SURFnet.  

We thank you all for having been so many to attend this edition of the BNC2016 and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Did you miss out on the conference? The presentations, videos and other media are available on our event website.  If you have any presentation ideas for the 2017 edition, please do not hesitate to contact us at: events@belnet.be .