EVENT - Belnet Networking Conference 2016

Sessions interactives

The Belnet Networking Conference 2016, which was held this past 25 October, aimed to be interactive by encouraging discussions and networking among all participants. To this end, the organizers drew inspiration from the concept of "speed dating” used in the previous edition, while offering a larger space where participants could speak. 

This is why three interactive sessions were offered during the afternoon “coffee break” at 2:40pm. They allowed previously registered participants to meet experts and share their experiences in certain fields. 

                                                                    Session B: Future needs of the Belnet customer

These three sessions were led by Belnet experts and employees. Nicolas Loriau (Technical Advisor), Erik De Neve (Project Leader) and Mario Vandaele (Project Leader) led a session on Cloud Compute services. Also on the agenda, another session led by Pieter Hanssens (Head of Network Department) and Stefan Gulinck (Network Engineer), focused on the future needs of our customers. Finally, the third session, led by G. Pappas (Technical Advisor), dealt with the topic of “DDoS Mitigation solution”. 

For 15 minutes during each session, the room came alive with discussion, with some twenty participants arranged in a circle (with the exception of the Cloud Compute session) providing their reactions to questions that were mostly raised by the expert. G. Pappas, for example, set off the debate by asking participants if they had ever been the victim of a DDoS attack. This topic did not fail to elicit reactions from the participants. 

For information, a DDoS Mitigation service is currently under development. This type of session is an important source of inspiration for Belnet, which wants to offer services suited to the needs of its customers.

                                           Session C: Are you looking for a DDoS Mitigation solution?

For more information on the topics addressed during these sessions, please do not hesitate to contact us at servicedesk@belnet.be. We would also be interested to hear your presentation ideas for the 2017 edition. 

To this end, you can send us an email at events@belnet.be. We would be very happy to use your suggestions as starting points for new sessions.