FOCUS - Summary 2016

A challenging year to say the least

Dear partners, 2016 was a year full of challenges and a turning point in the development of our organisation. The implementation of a new corporate structure and three management teams - one for each unit group - has allowed Belnet to grow. Alongside the technical, administrative and financial management, we now have the dedicated ‘community relations’ management for clients and users.

This new corporate structure goes hand in hand with a staff increase: we recently employed six new staff members for each key sector. As such, Belnet is starting 2017 on a positive note, full of enthusiasm and with peace of mind.

In early 2016 Belnet completed the migration of its IP network. Initially, the new network experienced some glitches. Thankfully, the highly professional and responsive Belnet teams took the necessary emergency measures to solve the problems as quickly as possible. We would like to once again thank our clients for their support and understanding during this exceptional situation.

Setting this issue aside, 2016 was an exciting year, with many interesting projects. WANLAN-FIN, for example, with the launch of a dedicated migration cell. The project marked a milestone, with the physical interconnection of the Federal Public Service Finance and Belnet, which took place on 30 May.  The remaining migrations are scheduled for 2017.

Another major project in 2016 was the launch of our new portal ( This new platform allows our clients to manage all their interactions with Belnet. Users can navigate through the different sections of their account and quickly access a wide range of technical, administrative and invoicing details. If you haven’t done so already, have a look at our portal on or watch our presentation video.

Another major event was the development of ScienceMAN 3.0. This project gave ten federal scientific institutions the opportunity to benefit from a better connectivity and greater storage capacity for heritage conservation. Click here to read our article on this project.

Last but not least, we organised quite a few events and conferences throughout the year. The Belnet Networking Conference was held at The EGG in October, welcoming 146 participants. It was a great success. The same goes for our meeting with the representatives of the various Belnet PoPs, and the BNIX Networking Event.  The latter was held in September in full ‘Jurassic’ style at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels.  These events are an excellent opportunity to forge partnerships to better meet your expectations and launch innovative projects in the year ahead. We wish you all the best for the new year!