Govroam, the number of participating institutions has doubled since 2017

Govroam, which stands for government roaming, is a wireless/Wi-Fi roaming service for public services and governmental administrations. This service offers users simple and safe access to both their home wireless network as well as to other participating institutions’ wireless networks.

Moreover, since it was launched in 2013, the number of institutions using this service in Belgium has continued to increase. With 14 institutions in Belgium in 2017, today there are 28 participating institutions. Govroam is a success story that looks set to continue.

View the govroam map that will show you the locations of all the institutions using govroam

Using our govroam map you will be able to observe this growth and the expanse of govroam. A very practical application which allows you to distinguish the various govroam hotspots available on the map. A useful and efficient way to promote the mobility of users from participating administrations. When they visit other institutions they will easily be able to find out if the host institution has govroam.    

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our govroam service. We would be glad to be able to count your administration among the extended family of govroam.