Belnet guestroam

Belnet guestroam, a secure and wireless temporary connection for your visitors

Belnet guestroam is a solution to provide visitors to your higher education or research institutions a temporary safe and wireless connection to the internet

guestroam facilitates the reception of your visitors

Would you give visitors to your institution temporary access to your wireless network? Do you want to manage at any time who can access what and when?
During the visit of a supplier in one of your departments, you will be able to give him access to your WI-FI network, during a certain period of time, limited access to the department visited.

guestroam widens access to eduroam and govroam

Belnet guestroam is a service that lets you offer temporary access to your visitors. Previously, access to govroam and eduroam was limited exclusively to people from participating institutions. Now you can open them temporarily to other users.


guestroam, an advantageous service

Belnet guestroam lets you offer your visitors a way to connect without any hassles.


The visitor must validate his access twice (by email and by sms). The connection is only valid in the institution where it is present


The connection is stable and reliable within the institution that validated the request.


The manager who is the Belnet point of contact can delegate the access validation aspect to another person of his institution and limit the delegation period

Simple and fast

The visitor fills out an online application form in a few clicks.


The functionality is free for any institution using govroam and eduroam

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How do your visitors get access?

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