Antispam Pro

Your centralised mail solution

Antispam Pro is a centralised mail solution that blocks at least 98% of all spam. The solution simply and efficiently analyses and filters your organisation's mail traffic. The service also detects and removes mails containing viruses.                                                                                 

Your benefits

  • Easy to use
    A simple web interface gives you full control of filtering at the domain and subdomain level. Furthermore, you have control of the various filters and actions. You can also log in to the interface via the BELNET R&E Federation using the same login to manage your account.
  • Configurable mail filter
    The interface allows you to configure the functionalities of the Antispam Pro solution yourself. So you can specify which mail you accept and which you don't.
  • Cost-saving solution
    You need less equipment and resources to check your mail traffic. Plus, more bandwidth is available for your organisation, freeing up more time for other projects.
  • Detailed reporting
    The web interface gives you access to detailed reports and statistics on the mail filter.
  • Support
    Our helpdesk is 24/7 available for technical assistance. Urgent incidents will be treated immediatly by the helpdesk. Other incidents and technical questions will be answered during office hours. We also provide the documentation required for you to easily implement the service.

Filter your mail traffic

Send your request via mail or call us at 02 790 33 00.
Technical information can be found at our interface (only accessible to BELNET customers).