Digital Certificates Service

A range of certificates for optimal management

The digital certificate is a digital document that allows you to authenticate the owner, be it an organisation, a member of staff, a server or a website, as being a trusted source. With the Digital Certificates Service, Belnet offers to become your sole certificate administrator for the whole of your organisation, thanks to an interface offering you great flexibility and optimal management. This ensures custom-made security for your organisation's network, e-mails, websites and web applications.

A wide range of certificates

For a very attractive annual fee, use all the certificates you want from all categories and sub-categories of certificates (particularly EV certificates). Take a look at our full list of certificates as well as our product sheet.

The main categories of certificates

·  SSL certificates:

Used to encrypt and/or sign data passing through networks).

·  Grid certificates:

Used within the scientific community Grid.

·  Client certificates:

Used to digitally identify a user with an authentication server.


. Code signing certificates:

Show that the signed software comes from a trusted source and has not been changed.

·  Document signing certificates:

Used for signing documents in Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and LibreOffice formats.



Your benefits

  • Confidentiality
    Belnet does not intervene in certificate management and validation You are the final administrator of your certificates, your domains and your customer accounts.
  • Trustworthiness
    Thanks to the Digital Certificates Service, your users can be certain of communicating with a correctly authenticated source.
  • A large choice of certificates
    For bespoke management, choose from a large number of certificates and sub-categories. Take a look at our list of certificates.
  • Flexibility
    The interface that we make available to you makes you more independent, gives you more responsibility and ensures you have greater flexibility.

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