Fast transfer of large files

Do you struggle to send or receive really big files? Do you currently have to use a service which is not user-friendly or not trustworthy enough?
If your answer is yes, then FileSender is the solution for you! It is a safe and fast solution for you and your end-users, embedded within the Belnet R&E Federation.

FileSender was developed to the requirements of the higher education and research community.

Your advantages

  • Easy login - thanks to the Belnet R&E Federation
    Your users can just go to the interface, select their organization and use their unique login at the organization. Thanks to single sign-on, this may even work automatically! Sending the file is just as easy as e-mailing.
  • High availability
    Regardless of the number of users you have, Belnet provides the capacity for transfer and 15 day storage of your files.
  • Efficiency for researchers
    Your users can upload files and distribute them to whoever it may concern. Every recipient receives an e-mail with a link for easy download.
    They can also send vouchers. This way, people whose home organization is not a member of the Federation, can also upload and distribute files.

Not a member of the Belnet R&E Federation? Join now!

Contact our Customer Relations Team with your questions concerning the FileSender or the Belnet R&E federation via mail or by phone 02 790 33 00.