Secure wireless internet for public services

Do collaborators within your administration increasingly visit other public services? Then you should certainly use govroam (government roaming). Govroam gives every user simple and secure access to their own wireless network and the networks of other participating organisations. So users from your organisation can surf wirelessly when they are in another public service. The access procedure always works via a user name and password which the user gets from his organisation.


- A worker from a federal government institution visits a local administration. Thanks to govroam, he can surf the local administration’s wireless network using his laptop, user name and password.

- A user can surf the Internet in seconds using govroam, while he attends a conference at another public service.

Your benefits

  • Increased mobility
    The service increases the mobility of your collaborators. Users from administrations or public services have simple and secure wireless Internet access at home, even from organisations other than their own.

  • Efficient registration
    Users need only one account to surf wirelessly, both within their own institutions and in other organisations which use govroam. Once the service has been activated for a user, there is no further administrative work. And you no longer have to create accounts for users from other organisations who use govroam.

  • Accounts and access rights in-house
    You have full control over the data concerning your own users. You do not have to give that data to other participating organisations. You decide which access rights govroam users get on your network.

  • Using govroam also in Netherlands
    Govroam is available also in Netherlands administrations.

Using govroam on an international level

Since 29th of September, Belnet has signed an agreement with the govroam Federation on a collaboration between Belgium and the Netherlands for the use of govroam in both territories for the users of both countries. If you are a Belgian govroam user, it is now possible to use govroam in government organizations located in the Netherlands.

govroam | introduction to the govroam services from govroam | veilig online on Vimeo

New feature - Belnet guestroam
Extend access to govroam within your institution

Previously, access to govroam was strictly limited to persons from participating institutions. Today, Belnet is launching Belnet guestroam, a service which offers temporary access to visitors from institutions which are not members of govroam.

For example, when a supplier visits one of your departments, you will be able to give them access to your govroam Wi-Fi network for a certain amount of time. Access is strictly limited to the department being visited. 

This new service makes your Wi-Fi network (govroam) accessible to visitors who are not members of govroam.

To discover the many benefits and functionalities of this very easy to use service, please visit our site:

Do you want more mobility for your users?

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More information is available on the govroam website (only accessible to Belnet customers).

The overview of your configuration is also available on our online tool. With this tool you can also easily adapt and manage your configuration.