Media Transport Service

Prioritization of media traffic

If you have a Belnet Service Router (see Belnet Leased Line or Managed Service for Private Lines) . We can activate a dedicated port for prioritization.

Your advantages

  •  Prioritization
    Via Quality of Service, Belnet ensures that your media or telephony traffic is carried unhindered at all times. This is an important requirement for voice or streaming media, to avoid “jitter”.
  •  Quality guaranteed
    The quality of the service, simple implementation and high availability are the ideal working conditions for our existing services (Point-to-Point Ethernet) and future services (Voice related).
  •  Belnet Service Router
    We will put in place a Belnet router on your premises, to ensure full incident management over the complete line.

Mail or call 02 790 33 00. Our team would be happy to discuss your request with you.

If you need Media Transport Service for multiple sites & multiple Belnet Service Routers, please designate 1 group contact person. This person will be our main contact for administrative and technical support.