An interconnectivity solution adapted to your needs

Thanks to the Multipoint service, affiliated organisations can interconnect two or more geographically dispersed sites. In addition, an affiliated institution is also able to interconnect geographically dispersed sites within its organisation.

Depending on the required bandwidth, quality guarantees and access circuit(s), Belnet has different technologies at its disposal to implement a connection adapted to your needs.


The Multipoint service offered by Belnet has multiple benefits:

  • High availability
    Belnet provides optimal availability of the service by implementing the connection redundantly on the Belnet network.
  • Interconnection
    Linking local, geographically dispersed sites.
  • Cost saving
    Several sites can be interconnected at low cost. Interconnection occurs over the Belnet network, thus independently of the Internet. You no longer need to invest in expensive ‘dedicated’ leased lines offered by other telecommunication operators.
  • High capacity
    The interconnectivity service can transport huge amounts of data going from 100 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s without any problem.
  • Completely protected until 10 Gbit/s
    The Multipoint connection is completely protected under 10 Gbit/s and acts as a virtual private leased line or as a virtual private network on the Belnet network.

Extra services

  • Media Transport service
    This service guarantees prioritised bandwidth of 10 Mbit/s for media traffic.
  • International Connectivity (only for Research & Education organisations)
    This service allows you to connect your organisation via the Belnet network and other international research networks to another organisation located abroad.

Getting started

Belnet will propose the best solution, depending on the technical specifications requested by your organisation.

For more information on the service, please contact our Customer Relations Team via mail or at 02 790 33 00.