Bandwidth Statistics

Trace your bandwidth use

Belnet gives you statistical information about the use of Internet and research bandwidth in your organisation. You can view this information online, in the form of graphics, whenever you want to. You can consult these statistics via your main connection, over your Point-to-Point Ethernet and over your back-up connection.

Your benefits

  • Timely problem detection
    By analysing the graphics you can trace possible bandwidth problems.
  • Continuous follow-up
    You trace bandwidth use through your connection(s). The graphics give you information about weekly, monthly and annual use. So you can determine the amount of bandwidth your organisation needs.

Look at your statistics

  • Surf to the secure monitor site and enter your user name and password. Then check the statistics of your connection(s).
  • If you don't yet have a user name and password, send us a mail or call 02 790 33 00.
  • You can notify us about inconsistencies in the graphics by mail or by phone (02 790 33 00).