IP Addressing

IP addresses for your organisation

When your organisation is connected to the Belnet network, you get a standard block of IP addresses. But of course it is possible that your infrastructure needs more addresses. You can request further IPv4 addresses at no additional cost.

Belnet distributes IPv4 addresses in accordance with the rules outlined by the European IP Networks (RIPE - Réseaux IP Européens), the official organisation for allocating IP addresses. Belnet is recognised by RIPE as a Local Internet Registry (LIR). As such, we control a number of extremely large IP address blocks from which we allocate public IP addresses.

Each request for IPv4 addresses, must, regardless of the number, be accounted for. Of course as well as IPv4 addresses, we also allocate IP addresses based on the new IPv6 protocol.

Your benefits

  • Cost saving
    No matter how many IP addresses you request, there are no additional costs.
  • Unlimited
    Your organisation can request an unlimited number of IP addresses. You can tailor your request to the needs of your organisation. Requests for IPv4 addresses must be clearly accounted for.
  • Comfort
    We will provide you with complete guidance when you make your request. In addition, we will also advise your organisation about migrating to the new IP address book that Belnet allocates you.

Request an IP address block

Mail your request for public IPv4 of IPv6 addresses.

More information is available via mail or by calling 02 790 33 00.