Support and advice

The link between you and Belnet

The Customer Relations Team is your central point of contact within Belnet. This team is ready to answer any technical or administrative questions you may have. We are also happy to listen to your needs and requirements, so that we can offer you even better service. Naturally, we notify you in good time about any modifications to our services.

What we offer you

  • Information
    You will receive detailed information about all the services you use. You can request specific information at any time.
  • Technical advice
    Consult our technical experts for more information about the optimum use of your connection and about all your network projects.
  • Technical Support
    Our team handles all technical questions about your connection and Belnet's services. Responding to your questions will not affect your connectivity or the services' operation.
  • Efficient administration
    Our efficiency reduces your administrative burden by limiting the number of records you need to keep in your organisation.
  • Thorough monitoring
    When a service is being implemented, we keep you up to date with its progress and implementation status.
  • Personal approach
    You are more than simply a customer. We welcome the opportunity to learn what your needs and requirements are.

We are here to support you

Mail or call 02 790 33 00.