Contact procedure for connected organisations

Contact persons known by Belnet can contact us through the Service Desk via one unique mail address and one unique phone number:

Phone number: 02 790 33 00

If you contact the Belnet Service Desk you need to have your acronym close by. The acronym can be found on your agreement.

To guarantee a service of the highest quality, you will receive with each request you make a ticket number. Each time you contact the Belnet Service Desk for further information on your request, you need to mention the ticket number relating to this request.

When can you contact the Belnet Service Desk?

Contact persons known by Belnet can contact the Belnet Service Desk by sending a mail or by connecting our client portal on:

1. Incidents – 24/7

You can contact the Belnet Service Desk 24/7 for

  • Disruption of your Belnet connectivity
  • Disruption of Belnet services.

    (24/7 response for all incidents reported by phone even out of office hours)
    (Next business day reaction for e-mail incidents reported out of office hours)

2. Commercial and administrative questions - working days (9h00 - 17h00)

During working hours you can contact us for:

  • Installations, upgrades or other changes to your connection and other related services that have no impact on your connectivity.
  • Administrative changes
  • All commercial questions
  • Technical questions regarding the Belnet network. These questions have no impact on your connectivity.
  • Technical questions or remarks regarding the use of Belnet services, for which there is no impact on the services you already use.

Some pointers

  • Certainly keep your acronym and / or your ticket number close by.
  • We advise you to send your mails in plain text. We also ask you to use a short subject in your mail. This way we will be able to treat your request efficiently.
  • We might not be able to process large files sent to us via mail. Organisations that are a member of the Belnet R&E Federation can send these huge files via FileSender

You are not connected to the Belnet network?

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