IPV6: don’t run out of IP addresses

Belnet offers your administrative offices, higher education or research institutions the transition to IPv6. This protocol makes it possible to obtain new IP addresses.
Are you worried that you will no longer be able to obtain IP address ranges? Would you like to switch smoothly from IPv4 to IPv6? 
Belnet now offers IPv6 deployment, the latest generation internet protocol, within your organisation.

Why implement IPv6?

IPv4 currently remains the standard protocol, but it soon will not be due to the growing number of users. The IPv6 protocol was developed to make new IP addresses available. Belnet helps you make the transition.  In addition, take advantage of the improvements IPv6 brings in terms of security, routing, plug-and-play, etc.

Flexible transition to IPV6

IPv4 and IPv6 can be used in parallel on a single link/network or, if you use a line leased from Belnet, on a separate port on your Belnet Service Router. Belnet lets you deploy IPv6, step by step.

The benefits of switching to IPv6 with Belnet

Sufficient number of addresses

Belnet has reserved 280 IPv6 addresses per customer.

A single connection for IPv4 and IPv6

Both protocols can be configured on a single connection.

Major progress

Higher performing security, plug-and-play, routing, etc

New applications

New possibilities allow researchers, for example, to develop new applications for IPv6

illu ipv6



"An effective protocol; VLANS with enough IP addresses; no transmission problems so a faster network, which is a great advantage."

Andres Henckens. IT specialist, University of Hasselt

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