Antispam Pro

Antispam Pro, the smart anti-spam filter

With Antispam Pro, Belnet offers the Belgian public sector, research and higher education institutions an effective email solution that easily analyses and filters all the user’s mail traffic.

Antispam Pro, the solution for safe, sorted email traffic

Are your inboxes flooded with spam or suspect emails? Tired of receiving advertising, fraudulent emails and viruses?
Belnet offers an antispam solution that blocks about 98% of all spam.
Antispam Pro, the centralised email solution that Belnet offers its customers, blocks at least 98% of all spam. Simple and effective, it analyses and filters email traffic within your organisation. It also identifies and removes emails that contain viruses.

Three reasons to adopt Antispam Pro

Simplicity and support

You intuitively control all your domains, filters and actions. For any questions, our service desk is available. 

Flexible and economical

You define Antispam Pro’s functionalities yourself, from your client interface, without the need to resort to external resources or equipment.

Transparent and effective

You control the effectiveness of the solution using the statistical dashboard and detailed reports.



Success Story

"Our IT department uses the Antispam Pro solution to check the proper operation of our infrastructure. From the management interface we can control the flow of outgoing messages and ensure that they are correctly distributed by our servers".

Marc Deroitte, Director IT and Telecommunication, BEP

Get started with Belnet Antispam Pro and  ensure that you only receive "clean and healthy" email in your email servers

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