Advanced DNS Security

Stay ahead of phishing, malware and malicious software

With Advanced DNS Security, Belnet offers in-depth protection for public sector, research and educational organisations to better secure your DNS connections.

Do you already have a DNS filtering solution but would like to go further in terms of cyber security? Do you want to have a complete monitoring of your traffic, detected threats and DNS requests for a very competitive price?

The Advanced DNS Security service provides you with an extra layer of proactive and automatic protection against the latest malware and phishing attacks. By checking the reputation of each domain, it acts proactively to block new threats that your current antivirus, firewall and proxies do not yet know about.

Advanced monitoring

In addition to automatic and proactive detection, Advanced DNS Security features a detailed dashboard to review your performance by monitoring all DNS queries and blocked threats. This dashboard can be fully customised with custom reports and alerts.


Proactive blocking

Detect and block new threats that your current antivirus software does not yet know about.

24/7 automatic alerts

Automatically monitor all your DNS connections, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be immediately alerted when a threat is detected.

Speedy set-up

Installation of Advanced DNS Security does not require any infrastructure changes. It can be set up in less than 60 minutes and works immediately.

Custom dashboard

Get a detailed dashboard of all DNS queries and blocked threats. The reports and alerts dashboard can be fully customised with custom reports and alerts.

Did you know?

More than 22% of all newly registered domains are used for cybercrime purposes. That is why Secutec, the provider of Advanced DNS Security, blocks new domains for 24 hours to analyse them and categorise them differently if necessary.

In addition to exchanging information on local cyber attacks with the Centre for Cyber Security Belgium, Advanced DNS Security relies on a database of more than 35 antivirus and antispam software providers.

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