Non academic hospitals

Belnet offers hospitals a high-performance and secure network and services based on the latest technologies.
Hospitals need a high-quality network for the exchange of information between services. In addition, they often have geographically dispersed sites and must be able to exchange large data streams with partner institutions as part of research projects. This is why hospitals need a network with high bandwidths, superior quality and impeccable security levels. With almost 30 years of experience in ICT, Belnet is the point of reference in this field.
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"Everyone is now constantly using the Internet for almost everything. Recently, there has also been a lot to do in terms of the live-streaming of operations to other centres in Europe and worldwide. This evolution should not be underestimated. In that respect, a powerful network is extremely important and we are very satisfied with the performance and stability of the Belnet network."

Alix Devroye, Network & Security System Administrator @ ZNA
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