Fiber Channel

The Fiber Channel service: for secure data transfer

The Fiber Channel service provides a better connection between the servers and data storage systems of your administrative office or research and higher education institution.

Is your institution connected to a datacenter and wants to regularly back up its data? Is your data distributed over several geographically dispersed storage sites? Are you having trouble creating a high performance storage network?

Belnet's Fiber Channel protocol meets all your storage, accessibility and data exchange needs.

Fiber Channel: custom solutions

This service lets you transfer data to another server located in another datacentre or to transfer data between two datacentres, under high security.


High speed

Adapted to your needs: 2 Gbps, 4 Gbps, 8 Gbps.

Easy access and updating of data

Access to files in different datacentres and mutual data synchronisation.

Fast backup and recovery

Continuous synchronisation, reciprocal backup, increased transfer speed.

Cost savings

by linking your sites you remain in the Belnet network and enjoy its many benefits.

Secure and transparent technology

Continuous monitoring with total transparency, a qualitative and secure environment, without inconvenience for the user.

Did you know?

When implementing the Fiber Channel service, Belnet offers the solution best suited to your network's technical characteristics.

The service can be implemented redundantly for minimal data loss. Do you have a connection problem? Belnet ensures pooling of your storage resources thanks to fast recovery.

And if you do not have a storage network yet, Belnet will implement it!

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