Acceptable Use Policy (‘AUP’) for Belnet internet services

  1. The CLIENT undertakes to comply with the internet standards and protocols.

  2. The CLIENT may only use the BELNET network and services for strictly legal purposes.

    Any use in violation of Belgian or international legislation is prohibited. As an active member of the Belgian Internet Service Providers Association (ISPA), BELNET fully endorses its Code of Conduct and the ‘Protocol for collaboration to combat unlawful acts on the internet’. In the event of any suspicion of an illegal action by the CLIENT, BELNET will cooperate, within the strict limits of the law, with the judiciary, or any other legally authorised service, to facilitate their investigations. In the event of suspicion of an illegal action on the internet discovered by the CLIENT, it may report the activity or content to BELNET via

  3. The Belnet network and services cannot be used for any activity resulting in the following:

    1. unauthorised access to third party data
    2. harm to the operation of the Belnet network, its related services or the internet in general
    3. compromised use or performance of internet services for other users
    4. wastage of resources (human, network, IT)
    5. full or partial destruction of the integrity of computer data
    6. compromised user privacy
    7. use of the network to send messages that could be classified as ‘harassment’ or ‘unsolicited mail’.
  4. Use of the Belnet network is reserved for the public services, teaching, and research.

    Use for commercial purposes and intensive personal use are strictly prohibited.

  5. The CLIENT is responsible for supplying its users with the internet services and, specifically, with establishing internal access procedures to the Belnet network and services via its local network.

    The CLIENT is also responsible for managing this local network. Within this framework, the CLIENT must protect itself against attempted intrusion by third parties via the Belnet network or services that BELNET offers there.

  6. The CLIENT shall take all steps necessary to avoid any abusive use of the Belnet network and services by its users.

    To this end, it will specifically inform them of this acceptable use policy. In the event of incorrect use of the Belnet network or connected services, the CLIENT will actively collaborate as quickly as possible with any action taken by BELNET to identify the source of said use and put an end to it.

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