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Simplified domain name management

The Belnet Domain Name Registration service offers Belgian public services, research and higher education institutions simple and secure management of their domain names, using an intuitive interface.

Belnet simplifies management of your domain names

As a research or higher education administrative office or institution, do you want to be able to choose domain names with .be, .eu, .net, .org. or even .brussels and .cloud extensions, to name just a few examples? At advantageous rates? As well as having a secure, simple, centralised domain name management interface for all your employees? 

Belnet's Domain Name Registration service and its management interface have been designed to meet your needs. 

We provide simple, effective and secure management of your domain names, adapted to your needs.

Automatically enjoy the benefits of Anycast DNS clustering

From April, organisations whose DNS servers are managed by Belnet can benefit from lower latency, redundant protection and better protection in the event of DNS Flood DDoS attacks. Indeed, Anycast DNS ensures that your users can always find your domains using a group of servers with the same IP address spread across Europe, rather than a single DNS server to which all DNS requests are directed.

What are the main advantages of Belnet's Domain Name Registration?

Security and autonomy

You decide yourself whether or not to lock transfer of domain names and to strengthen the security of the authenticity of your DNS responses. Details on the transfer lock functions and DNSSEC are in our brochure.

Centralised and simplified management

All of your organisation's account users can receive management communication and notifications. You can make changes to domain names in batches, all at the same time. And you can easily manage your server names.

Numerous extensions and redundant configuration

As an agent for and EURid, Belnet distributes the ".be" and ".eu" domain names at advantageous rates. In total, it offers 1200 extensions (including, of course, ".net", ".org", ".info" and ".com", etc.) In addition, each of your domain names has at least two authorised and secure domain servers.

Did you know ?

Belnet protects its own domain names with DNSSEC, an extension of the DNS system. This protocol increases the security of the DNS system against different attacks (such as DNS cache poisoning used for phishing). DNSSEC covers all domain name data. 

The DNSSEC protocol is available for different domain names such as '.be', '.org' and '.se'.

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