Digital Certificates Service

Digital Certificates Service, optimal management of your certificates

Belnet's Digital Certificates Service provides a wide choice of digital certificates that Belgian public bodies and research or higher education institutions can manage simply and securely

Simplified management of your certificates

How can custom security be provided for your network, websites, servers, email and online applications? Completely autonomous: do you administer your organisation's certificates yourself? With all simplicity: do you manage your certificates using a centralised interface?
Belnet's Digital Certificates Service offers a wide choice of digital certificates that you manage yourself, with no intermediary. They are responsible for ensuring optimal security for your servers, email, websites and web applications.

A single package and a single interface for all your certificates

Belnet offers a wide choice of digital certificates, the main categories being: SSL Certificates, Client Certificates, Code Signing Certificates and Document Signing Certificate. For a complete list of certificates, visit our Belnet Portal.

What are Belnet's advantages for managing your digital certificates?

Confidentiality and reliability

Without any intermediary you manage digital certificates that provide you with an internationally recognised security label.

Autonomy and flexibility

You request and implement all your certificates yourself. You manage your certificates, domains and client accounts as you wish

Did you know?

Are you a member of the Belnet R&E Federation? In this case, all your users defined in your own identity manager can take advantage of a Client Certificate (email) with no need of intervention on your part.

Your are looking for more technical information or have a look at our tariff? Visit our Belnet Portal

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