DNS Service

DNS Service, optimised management of your domain name servers

With Belnet DNS Service, Belgian research, higher education and public sectors have secure domain name servers, adapted to their infrastructure projects, for optimal performance.

Advanced security for your DNS servers

Are you looking for DNS servers configured to meet your specific public administrative office needs. Does your hosting environment handle large volumes of data and require considerable computing power?

Find out about Belnet DNS Service, a flexible, comfortable and secure DNS solution that takes account of your performance and management requirements.

Use Belnet's expertise and infrastructures to optimise your configurations and adapt them to your professional needs.
With Belnet, public bodies, and research and higher education institutions are sure to optimise their infrastructure performance and costs by choosing a bespoke partner.


Did you know that Belnet supports DNS over HTTPS?

Usually DNS queries sent by your computer to the DNS resolver are sent over an unencrypted connection. Anyone with access to your network can eavesdrop these queries; By using DNS over HTTPS, abbreviated as DoH, your privacy is safeguarded as the traffic is encrypted. Nowadays most internet traffic is sent encrypted (which provides additional privacy to the user), like websites using https instead of http. You can now start using the DoH protocol implemented by Belnet : https://dns.belnet.be

Why choose Belnet DNS for your hosting?


Ensure secure internet access for your employees


Ensure that your domain names are disseminated without difficulty


Benefit from stable connectivity, thanks to appropriate redundancy

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Get started with DNS Service Belnet and meet your hosting needs with redundant, accessible and versatile configurations.

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