28 Nov. 2023

Belnet's Scalability Improvement Project: a step-by-step upgrade to faster and more efficient connectivity

Belnet has a long-running Scalability Improvement Project, aimed at strengthening the core of the Belnet network and improving connectivity. Recently, significant steps have been taken, including the upgrade of routers and the migration of some Points of Presence (PoPs).
18 Oct. 2023

Inside the mind of a hacker: our colleagues get to work with social engineering techniques

October is cybersecurity month and this did not go unnoticed within Belnet either. To make our colleagues aware of the dangers of social engineering, we have already organised the 'Piece of Cake' role-playing game developed by our colleagues from the Swiss research and education network SWITCH several times in recent months.
1 Oct. 2023

Cybercrime for newbies: a four-part video series on information security

Throughout October, we are paying extra attention to information security. Belnet is actively supporting GÉANT's annual Cyber Security Month campaign. This year's topics include online privacy, phishing, social engineering and ransomware. In a playful four-part video series, we follow Granny Smith, a retired lady who has found a side income in cybercrime.
22 May. 2023

Glimpse behind the scenes: Belnet renews the FedMAN ring

Federal Public Services (FPSs) are connected by Belnet to one another and to the Internet via FedMAN (Federal Metropolitan Area Network). FedMAN is an essential part of the federal government's IT infrastructure and was fully integrated into the Belnet network about 10 years ago. Recently, in line with the rest of the Belnet network, the FedMAN ring has been running entirely on new equipment from Ciena. Tom De Clercq, one of our network architects, explains the benefits of this renewal and how the network team brought this project to a successful conclusion.
16 May. 2023

First general meeting is over: where do we stand after almost one year of EOSC Focus?

Through EOSC Focus, Belnet is deepening its commitment to Open Science and making this more concrete. EOSC stands for European Open Science Cloud. Belnet, through the EOSC Focus project, is an integral part of the EOSC ecosystem and is therefore best placed to inform Belgian knowledge institutions about European developments within EOSC.

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