Belnet Intelligent DNS and Belnet Threat Intelligence to better protect your information systems

Rosy Pauwels

Marketing @ Belnet
Mon, 01/25/2021 - 08:59

Belnet is fully committed to protecting its customers even more effectively against possible online security problems. So from 1 February onwards, it will implement its Belnet Intelligent DNS and Belnet Threat Intelligence services in close collaboration with the Centre for Cyber security Belgium.

Belnet Intelligent DNS

Belnet Intelligent DNS is an additional functionality that forms part of the current Belnet DNS Service and enables Belnet to redirect malicious (sub)domain names, thereby preventing end users from being taken to unsafe websites. Belnet receives this list of insecure (sub)domain names from the CCB (Centre for Cyber security Belgium).

How does this work?
  • The CCB receives information about possible malicious websites (such as malware and phishing sites)
  • The CCB analyses the potentially malicious websites and based on various criteria, it decides whether or not to put them on the "threat list".
  • Belnet downloads that threat list daily and adds it to its DNS servers.
  • If an end user tries to access such a website, the DNS query will not be converted and the user will be redirected to a CCB warning page. Not only will that warning page contain an explanation as to why a warning has been displayed, but it will also provide the necessary instructions that will enable the user to proceed to the requested website after all.

Important! The CCB also ensures that website users or administrators can request that a link be removed from the threat list if it has been included in error.

The Intelligent DNS functionality will be added automatically from 1 February onwards for all users of DNS Service. If you are not yet using DNS Service and would like more information about it, please enter your contact details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

For more information about Belnet Intelligent DNS, please visit our DNS Service page.


Belnet Threat Intelligence

From 1 February onwards, Belnet will proactively inform all its customers of potential vulnerabilities in their information systems. Belnet customers are already being notified of critical vulnerabilities, such as Open DNS resolver issues, by means of Service Now tickets. By introducing Belnet Threat Intelligence, we are going one step further by also reporting potential threats to the security of your systems. This service is completely free and, among other things, will report possible botnet infections, send out warnings if your LDAP server, Telnet server or Microsoft SQL server are publicly accessible or provide notifications if the version of your network time protocol is potentially vulnerable. That way, we aim to create greater awareness amongst our customers about possible access gateways that may be exploited by cybercriminals.

You can choose to receive this information in one of the following ways: via e-mail, via a Service Now ticket (with an accompanying e-mail) or by retrieving the information yourself via an API. By default, Belnet sets up a push of information in the form of a Service Now ticket for all customers, but you can easily have this changed by contacting or by calling 02 790 33 00.

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