What is blockchain?

Sandra Castaño

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Mon, 02/22/2021 - 13:21

Are you unfamiliar with blockchain technology, the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) and the development of a European Blockchain Service Infrastructure (EBSI)? Here is an overview of the basic concepts of this technology as well as the ideas and strategy behind this European initiative.

Blockchain Presentation (14:52)

Introduction to blockchain technology (03:39)

Blockchain for dummies (10:14)

For instance, different values of PI (π) entered in a blockchain in a tamper-resistant and secure manner by means of hashes and linking them together in a chain of blocks:

3 arrows one after the other representing a chain of information blocks.

A chain of blocks that contains information glued together tamper-resistantly by means of hashes.

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) (2:09)

In order to understand the potential of blockchain for public services and EBSI, let’s remind ourselves the journey of EVA. This is illustrated in a short but enlightening video.


Understanding EBSI: Masterclass on European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (1:54)

For more details on EBSI, we recommend this video.

Through these videos, we hope to have helped you to better understand what blockchain technology and EBSI are all about. Do not hesitate to also consult the EBSI4be website.

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