Belnet FedSender is now available to all federal organisations and public services

Marc Gérard

Content Developer @ Belnet
Mon, 02/27/2023 - 11:13

From January 2023, your institution, whether or not it is a G-Cloud member, can access Belnet FedSender thanks to Belnet's implementation of a discovery service that directs to your authentication system.

Is your institution is a federal government or public service? If so, since January, you too can access Belnet FedSender, the application for sending very large files.

A discovery service that lists your IdP

Previously, Belnet FedSender was restricted to government organisations that were members of the G-Cloud. They can access the service through the G-Cloud Share Directory (ShaD) authentication system. In January 2023, our technical teams introduced a discovery service that also allows federal organisations and public services that are not G-Cloud ShaD members to use Belnet FileSender.

Thanks to this change, once your contract is signed, you will be able to authenticate yourself by finding your IdP in the discovery service as long as it has been configured by your IT department.

Prerequisite: your organisation needs to have an IdP in place

An identity provider (IdP) is a service that stores and manages digital identities. Companies use these services to allow their employees or users to connect with the resources they need. They provide a way to manage access, adding or removing privileges, while security remains tight.

Multiple benefits

Belnet FedSender is a beneficial solution in many ways. It allows you to easily send very large files, with a quota of 1 TB per user. The transferred files are not archived and are temporarily available via the Belnet network infrastructure, which is a significant benefit in terms of reliability and security. Discover all the benefits of Belnet FedSender.

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