Mission & Vision

Our mission

By developing secure, reliable and innovative network infrastructures and associated services with and for our communities, Belnet, as a national research network, helps build tomorrow's education, research and government.

Belnet's mission is to operate a high-performance network for universities, colleges, research centres and government departments. The Belnet network is also the gateway to other research networks worldwide and is therefore an engine for (inter)national cooperation in education and research.

In addition, our network is a crucial building block for the federal government's digital services. As their IT partner, we contribute to an efficient use of available resources by maximising synergies and economies of scale.

Belnet is constantly working on a service offering tailored to the specific needs of its communities. We develop and manage solutions and platforms that support them in terms of security, cloud and mobility. Here, collaboration, co-creation and innovation are our driving forces.

Our employees are committed every day to assisting our communities in realising their core activities: educating future generations, stimulating scientific research and innovation and facilitating digital transformation.

Because of its neutral position and expertise, Belnet also manages the Belgian internet node BNIX, which makes local internet traffic faster and more efficient.

Our vision

Being an indispensable partner to our communities by offering them innovative and reliable IT solutions that enable them to excel.

We strive to have in-depth knowledge of our communities' needs and requirements by proactively engaging with them. This enables us to provide them with valuable and innovative solutions that are essential for their core business.

The strategic partnership with Belnet allows our communities to face major societal challenges and seize all the opportunities that the digital transition brings.

Our values


Belnet is a reliable, stable, non-commercial and neutral partner for its stakeholders. We work in an open and transparent way for the benefit of our communities.


Belnet keeps its finger on the pulse and develops services adapted to the specific and constantly changing needs of its communities. Together with them, we strive for excellence.


Our colleagues feel connected to each other, to our organisation and to our communities. Thanks to their involvement, they have in-depth knowledge of the institutions within our communities and their needs, enabling them to provide them with the most adapted solutions.


Our colleagues are proud of what they do and enjoy their jobs. Their passion is what drives them to meet the challenges of our communities.

Research & Education

Belnet connects Belgian research centres and educational institutions to the rest of the world, providing access to scientific tools, computing resources and cloud services at ultra-high speed.

Federal & public services

Belnet supports the digitisation of governments and public services in a cost-effective way without compromising on information security.

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