FEDWAN Connectivity

A flexible, streamlined solution for your WAN

The FEDWAN Connectivity service has been specially designed to connect your decentralised sites to each other and to your main site. 

If you have several decentralised sites, and want to link them efficiently with your organisation's headquarters — we have the solution for you! If you're a federal organization, trust Belnet to manage your WAN.

With FEDWAN Connectivity, we manage all the administrative, financial and technical aspects of your organisation's WAN, to ensure a seamless, cost-effective connection for your decentralised sites and all your end-users.

FEDWAN Connectivity: a flexible solution tailored to your needs

Depending on the location of your sites and your bandwidth requirements, we'll work with you to choose the most suitable technology (CPE, line type and interconnection) for your WAN. We also act as the single point of contact to ensure your traffic is transported seamlessly and efficiently from your decentralised sites to your main site.



Belnet is your Single Point of Contact, relieving you of all technical tasks.


We have several options available providing the best possible connection for your secondary sites.


One single contract for all your decentralised sites. What's more, WAN Connectivity is the perfect addition to your Belnet Leased Line service.

Cost savings

A framework contract means that Belnet can guarantee one of the best prices on the market. In addition, centralised management facilitates synergies and economies of scale.

Did you know?

FEDWAN Connectivity is the ideal addition to your Belnet Leased Line service

In 2022, the federal government entrusted Belnet with the management of all FedWAN lines for all SPF and SPP (in collaboration with the Federal Public Service Policy & Support and the Belgian Buildings Agency). To achieve this task, Belnet entered into a framework agreement with a third-party supplier in 2023 to provide connectivity services.

It's thanks to this collaboration that FEDWAN Connectivity was born. Specially designed to connect your decentralised sites, wherever they are in Belgium, FEDWAN Connectivity is the ideal addition to your Belnet Leased Line service. More flexible and less costly, it's the ideal centralised extension to your main network, transporting your traffic from your decentralised sites to its destination.

Get started using FEDWAN Connectivity

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