Public research centres

Belnet aims to give researchers the tools to meet the scientific challenges of the future

Recognised public research centres can connect to the national research network, managed by Belnet. Our network is connected to the pan-European research network GÉANT, which in turn is connected to NRENs worldwide. This allows Belgian researchers to quickly and securely exchange data on research projects with colleagues around the world. Belnet also offers data management services that focus on accessibility and data integrity.

Moreover, as an organisation mandated by the EOSC Association, Belnet is closely involved in the development of new applications in the context of Open Science and FAIR data.

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"As a result of the efficient connectivity from Belnet, we can process enormous volumes of audio-visual material every day."

Matthias Priem, Archiving Manager @ Meemoo, Flemish Institute for Archives
Would your research centre like to join the Belnet network to easily and securely exchange data with the international R&E community?
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