Network Time Protocol

Network Time Protocol (NTP): synchronise all your computers

Belnet's Network Time Protocol (NTP) provides perfect synchronisation of all IT equipment at its customers in Belgian public administrative offices, research and higher education institutions, on our own network.

Do you want to ensure that your common resources and development tools, as well as your servers visible from the internet, are all at the same time? Belnet NTP provides time synchronisation for all your computers. PC, servers and other equipment of your network all operate on a single reference time.

Belnet NTP, stable synchronisation for all your clocks.

The NTP (Network Time Protocol) protocol lets you synchronise the time on PCs, servers and other equipment on your campus network based on an accurate reference time. For this, you will need to use the Belnet NTP server, which receives this reference time, which is itself shared between GPS satellites. Simply use one of our servers:


The advantages of Belnet NTP for time synchronisation

Fast access

You have faster access to the exact and unique reference time, since the NTP server for time synchronisation is on your own network.

Better synchronisation

This speed ensures more effective and stable synchronisation for all your internal clocks.

A service open to all

The Belnet NTP server is available for connected organisations and the general public.

Set your clocks to the same time and get started with Belnet NTP

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