Pieter Hanssens

Team Manager Networks department
"I believe Belnet's main growth opportunities lie in continuing to offer and innovate in relevant services towards our communities. These innovations also ensure that the job content remains exciting every day, so our colleagues can also continue to get their teeth into new and interesting projects."

Nicolas Kharkevitch

Technical Advisor
In my position, I have a lot of contact with our network and our system engineers on the one hand and with our customers on the other. Identifying their needs and working with my colleagues to find the best solution for them is one of the reasons I love doing this job. It's the best of both worlds!

Sofie Heggerick

Administrative expert
"The variety is what I like best about my job. There are so many different tasks, so you have a finger in the pie in many projects and come into contact with colleagues from different departments and can build up a network. Besides the great variety, I must also mention the top colleagues. A good atmosphere in the office is of utmost importance to me and fortunately there is one!"

Koen Schelkens

Advisor Business Management
"The exchange with our international colleagues means that you can learn from each other and then take that knowledge to Belnet and our users. It also allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of new developments and technologies. This, of course, also benefits Belnet's customers."

Davina Luyten

Communications Officer
"The specialisation on the one hand and the variety on the other are two of the advantages of my job: I like the fact that I can indicate in which areas I would like to develop and deepen myself further, and that I can count on the necessary training, support and enthusiasm within Belnet. This way I stay up-to-date with the dynamic discipline of communication!"
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