Belnet Storage

Belnet Storage, secure, tailored hosting solution, in the Cloud

With Belnet Storage, Belgian public sector, research and higher education store their data in our secure Cloud. Advantages include availability of data, reliable infrastructure, custom hosting.

Adapted to your needs

Do you manage a lot of data and want to preserve it on a reliable infrastructure? Do you want to reduce your costs without paying for extra connectivity? Do you want your data to stay in Belgium and to only pay for what you use? 

The Belnet Storage service offers hosting in a private Cloud solution, within the Belnet network infrastructure. A reliable and secure storage solution: you can host your sensitive data, share and manage your files and media with complete peace of mind. Fully modular, we design with you the formula best suited to your needs. 

Belnet, an expert partner with guaranteed support and at controlled cost

Our experts are committed to answer your questions about implementing our services or using the Belnet Storage interface.   The service is managed 24/7 through a 'Service Operation Centre' which proactively follows the operation of the service, guaranteeing that the service functions optimally, even outside office hours.

Controlled capacity, redundancy included in your subscription, priced by use and not by data traffic, etc. The Belnet Service saves you up to 80% of the additional cost of using the network for other Cloud solutions available on the market. 

Why choose Belnet for your hosting in the Cloud?


Your data does not leave the Belnet network, which guarantees its confidentiality.


Your Cloud space can grow or shrink according to your needs. Each year, you only pay for what you have ordered


Your data always goes directly to the Belnet network, which makes it easier for your IT staff to manage and optimise resources

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Success Story

LUCA School of Arts needs storage space for sensitive data such as financial and personnel information. Stefan Verbruggen: "We chose Belnet because it was already our internet service provider. What's more, we did not want to store information as sensitive as our databases and documents just anywhere on the internet. Saving our backup with a trusted partner has a huge added value."

Stefan Verbruggen, netwerk- en systeembeheerder LUCA School of Arts 

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