Your tool for creating your Data Management Plan

Designed for research institutions in Belgium, the platform is the perfect tool to help you generate and manage your Data Management Plans.

To achieve the management measures for your data for the entire lifecycle of your research projects

In the context of a new research project, the platform allows you to define in advance the different conventions for each stage of the project's lifecycle.

The criteria for collecting, storing, preserving and sharing your data are generated quickly and can be used as the basis for your entire research project.

In addition, once generated, this Data Management Plan could be useful for more easily obtaining subsidies from funding agencies.


Easy to use

The tool is very easy to use, fast and instinctive for both the admin-users and the end-users. You will also be able to guide your users through each step of their DMP creation with the personalised guidance feature.

Collaborative tool

With the "Share" feature, your researchers can easily invite others to collaborate on the development of a DMP. They can temporarily invite other (internal or external) researchers to modify and edit certain responses in a plan.


The menu can be customised to meet the needs of your organisation. For example, you can customise your templates (Fonder template, Institutional DMP template, etc.) according to your needs or add specific guidance for your different user groups.

Security and reliability has the advantages of the Belnet R&E Federation. It is also hosted by Belnet on a server with a reinforced infrastructure that guarantees the very high availability and resilience of its services.

Did you know?

Dries Moreels (UGent) explains the beginnings of the adventure

"We started the adventure in 2015. At the start, the tool was still in its infancy, and around 15 researchers from the University of Ghent were the first users at the time.

Over the years, more and more Belgian research centres joined the initiative and Ghent University has been able to develop the tool into an active user community. The community has since grown to over 12,000 users. We also adapted the system to the Belgian research context by adding new functionalities and integrating relevant models.

A good Data Management Plan (DMP) guarantees smooth cooperation between researchers and is now a requirement for obtaining grants (e.g. from Horizon 2020, the European research funding programme). makes it easy to implement and manage this type of Data Management Plan.

I therefore recommend all accredited research centres start using in their organisation. It is a tool that has become crucial in research activities."

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