The 'Open Science' repository of scientific publications for FSIs

With Orfeo, take advantage of an Open Science platform with nearly 8,000 publications on scientific research financed by Belspo (the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office). This repository, managed and hosted by Belnet, is a source of important renewable and reusable scientific data for federal scientific institutes (FSIs).

A source of information for your scientific research

Would you like to take advantage of an "Open Science" information database set up by the various federal scientific institutes? Why not enhance your own research through fast and stable access to a platform centralising thousands of scientific publications?

Belspo (the Belgian Federal Science Policy Office) created Orfeo in 2016, a platform bringing together nearly 8,000 scientific publications enhanced by and for the various federal scientific institutes. It contains numerous scientific articles, books, doctoral theses, reports and catalogues to help you in your scientific research.

Orfeo, a platform optimised by Belnet

This open access repository for federal research institutions is managed and hosted on the Belnet network infrastructure to offer greater security and performance guarantees.

With Belspo's support, Belnet is optimising the tool by making it more stable, accessible and easy to use.



Benefit from the stability of the Belnet network infrastructure.

Open data

Based on the principle of "Open Science", Orfeo offers a collection of shared, searchable and renewable information within the same user community.

Permanent archiving of documents

Give your publications high visibility on a platform that guarantees stable and robust archiving.

Did you know?

The European Commission, in cooperation with the Member States and at the request of the international research community, has created the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to provide a framework for Open Science in Europe. The aim is to establish an alliance of e-infrastructures and related services that help researchers link their research data to a "FAIR" data network.

Since 2020, Belnet has been the mandated organisation for Belgium within the EOSC association. Its role is to represent the interests of all those involved in the Belgian research landscape. To this end, Belnet works closely with, among others, the various authorities with scientific expertise.

"As a national research network and mandated organisation within the EOSC association, Belnet is ideally positioned to manage Orfeo." Eric Laureys, Science Policy Advisor at Belspo.

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