Yannick Kalemba, IT Process Manager

Yannick Kalemba , IT Process Manager

Yannick Kalemba
"I was keen to try something new, which was within my familiar IT domain but had a new, fresh approach. That's how I ended up at IT Process Management. I saw an interesting vacancy from Belnet that appealed to me enormously and the rest ... is history."

Yannick has been part of the IT Service Management Team within Belnet, or ITSM for short, since mid-2020. The ITSM team manages the various processes that ensure an optimal customer experience. Those processes are managed according to a certain methodology and with the ticketing tool ServiceNow. Yannick occasionally talks about "planned works": these are modifications to the Belnet infrastructure. Change management should ensure that disruptions and interruptions on the network are minimised and that the efficiency of the Belnet network and our services is maximised. Before a change is implemented, an analysis is made of the priority, risk, and impact, among other things. 

Hi Yannick, what does the position of IT Process Manager at Belnet entail?

"Within my team, I have several responsibilities. As Ticket Manager, I handle or distribute incoming tickets within our team. I have also participated from the very beginning in the rollout of several projects on the ServiceNow tool in our organisation, so in case of other requests about this system, my Belnet colleagues can also come to me. As Release Manager, I also manage the major upgrades (release) on our network. I ensure that these are planned in consultation with our various internal teams, such as Networks and Services, and with our suppliers. Moreover, as Planned works Manager, I see to it that everything runs correctly and that, for example, no other changes will take place just then as well. Also when, for instance, external parties want to undertake actions that might have an impact on our network, I will help analyse the planning and impact. And this is just a sample of my versatile range of tasks at Belnet!"

What did your professional track record look like before you joined Belnet?

"Before that, I gained experience in the world of development as a software engineer for IT applications. I was keen to try something new, which was within my familiar IT domain but had a new, fresh approach. That's how I ended up at IT Process Management. I saw an interesting vacancy from Belnet on Selor that appealed to me enormously and the rest.. is history."

What was it like starting at Belnet during the mandatory teleworking period?

"For me it was the first time I could telework at my job, but it actually went really well. Both my coordinator and colleagues from my team were very approachable and accessible. They ensured that I was able to settle in quickly even from a distance and was well supported."

What do you appreciate most in your job?

"For me, there are two things I like most about my job. On the one hand, it is the diversity of my tasks: the new world of process management that has opened up for me combined with the presence of the familiar development aspect to the tools I manage. I like variety, so that is definitely a plus for me. On the other hand, it is also fun to work very transversally. My job puts me in contact with a lot of teams, both technical and non-technical, because the ServiceNow tool is also used internally by the entire organisation. As an added bonus, I also interact with customers from time to time to answer certain technical questions, something I can certainly appreciate."

Which achievement are you really proud of?

"I find it difficult to choose one in particular. There are several projects that come to mind, such as defining and implementing the standard changes on the network in ServiceNow. Improving notifications and communication in ServiceNow is also something I'm proud of. In short: I would even dare to say that I feel quite proud of everything I have realised in the meantime!"

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