Podcast service ULB

In order to allow its students to remotely attend and review lessons, the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB) collaborated with Belnet on a podcast service.

The coronavirus crisis has had a major impact on the way universities and colleges are working. They were forced to switch to 100% online education for a long period of time.

Among other things, the ULB is using the podcast service "EZplayer" to steer its digital education activities in the right direction. Thanks to this service, students can attend lessons remotely. The university approached Belnet to host the service.

Unique collaboration project

Belnet's role focused on providing a monitored hosting service: Belnet provided the hardware, storage space and a service adapted to the customer's needs.

Initially, our teams developed a temporary solution with existing servers. At the same time, Belnet purchased and installed new hardware so that the ULB could enjoy an even better service and higher capacity. In addition, ULB can count on sophisticated 24/7 monitoring to keep track of the service's performance at all times.

This unique co-creation project was made possible thanks to the excellent collaboration between the ULB and Belnet teams, as well as their flexibility and commitment.

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