One private network for all of your sites
With the Multipoint service, higher education and research institutions and government departments can connect their geographically spread sites to one another.

Is your institution comprised of different sites located in different geographical areas? To maximise the sites’ efficiency, why not interconnect the different locations and create a single network?

With the Multipoint service, organisations connected to the Belnet network can connect geographically spread sites to one another.

An interconnectivity service which meets your needs

Depending on required bandwidth, desired quality guarantees and access circuits, we have technologies for establishing the connection which will best meet your needs.



You can connect your geographically spread sites.



High speed

The Multipoint service can carry large data flows (up to 10 Gbit/s).



High availability

Maximum service availability as you use a redundant connection to connect to the Belnet network.



Total protection up to 10 Gbit/s

The Multipoint connection is protected up to 10 Gbits/s and constitutes a virtual private line or virtual private network (VPN) on the Belnet network.




Interconnect to Belnet’s particularly cost-effective network. 



 hand on a plug

As an information technology and communication training centre, Technocité really needs telecommunications resources. "We work across 3 different sites spaced over 10 km apart. We needed a cost-effective solution to make the remote aspect of the 3 networks transparent to users and thus access all services, no matter where they were located.

Only Belnet could offer us a solution which was simple, cost-effective, high-performance and secure, meeting our needs to the full".

Richard ROUCOUR, Assistant Manager, Technocité

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