International Connectivity

International connectivity: be connected with the whole world

Belnet's International Connectivity Service lets your research and higher education institutions be connected to other networks located abroad.

Does your institution want to extend its research and education network internationally? Do you want to be connected all over the world through the research network? Do you need to be interconnected with one of your sites abroad?

By using the Géant network, of which Belnet is one of the links, you can make point-to-point connections with sites abroad without ever leaving the research network.

Belnet: the technical solution for international collaboration

Higher education and research institutions are invited to participate in building an international higher education and research space, to promote international discussions in research and doctoral education, and to strengthen their presence on the international scene.


An international connection lets your institution be connected to another organisation located abroad through the Belnet network and other international networks. With its expertise, Belnet offers the solution best suited to the required technical specifications.

Secure access

Belnet guarantees security in communication with international networks.

High connectivity

Thanks to the Belnet and Géant networks, the interconnection between national research and education networks is done at very high speed.


A stable data transfer infrastructure, essential for the success of academic projects

Added value

By positioning yourself as a player in scientific cooperation, you are supporting research and excellence by sharing expertise.


You can offer a connection to similar networks outside Europe.

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