Belnet Media Transport Service

MTS: assured service quality for your media files

Belnet's MTS (Media Transport Service) service lets Belgian administrative offices, higher education organisations or research centres reserve dedicated bandwidth for audio and video files.

Is audio and video traffic critical for your organisation? Would you like to guarantee dedicated bandwidth for this type of connectivity? The MTS service offers the possibility of reserving 10 Mbps bandwidth for your media files.

Prioritising media traffic

If you have a Belnet Service Router (ref. Belnet Leased Line or Managed Service for Private Lines), we can activate a specific port on your router to prioritise media traffic. 

The advantages of the MTS service

Implementing the MTS service for your organisation has many benefits in terms of quality and guarantee.


Thanks to a dedicated port on your router, media traffic does not interfere with other traffic and vice versa.

Quality of traffic guarantee

Belnet guarantees stable and uninterrupted media traffic, which is fundamental for voice traffic and streaming media.

Belnet service quality

The simplicity of implementation and high availability allows optimal operating conditions for our existing services (Point-to-Point Ethernet) and our future services.

"On the Spot" Belnet Service Router

The Belnet router is placed in your infrastructure in order to provide complete incident management across your entire line.


The Media Transport Service can be provided on several sites and several Belnet Service Routers.

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