Belnet FedSender

A very large file sending tool for public services and federal organisations
Belnet FedSender is a quick, easy and secure tool which enables sending very large files, up to 1 TB. This service is exclusively aimed at public institutions and and federal organisations. 

Available for all public institutions and federal organisations

Are your files too big to be sent by email? Are you looking for a quick, secure solution to send very large files, video documents, 3D images in no time at all?

Belnet FedSender is available via a simple interface that public institutions and federal organisations users can use. The service has been designed to meet the needs of these organisations.

Belnet FedSender, also possible by invitation outside the Belnet community.

You can invite people whose organisation is not a public institution or a federal one to use FileSender. Simply send a voucher allowing the recipient to use the application for a given period.


Send very large files

If your browser supports HTML5, you will be able to send files up to 1 TB in size.

Several recipients at the same time

Unlike other applications, you can use FedSender to send your files to a large number of recipients at once (up to a hundred per send).

Secure and reliable

The transferred files are not archived and transit only temporarily via the Belnet network infrastructure. Encryption possible.

Easy to access

Your end users can connect using your institution’s IDP.

Quick start in few steps

  1. Connect to Belnet FedSender
  2. Choose your institution from the list
  3. Enter your username and password
  4. Submit your file

Discover the benefits of using FedSender in our short explainer video

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