eduVPN: your virtual private network hosted by Belnet

Designed for the R&E community, eduVPN allows you to access your organisation's network easily and securely through VPN servers managed and hosted on the Belnet network backbone.

A cost-effective VPN solution for the R&E community

Whether you are at home or in a public place, the data you enter and receive on your phone, tablet or computer can be captured quite easily by malicious people. The use of eduVPN is recommended to limit this risk.

If your organisation is a member of the R&E community, choose eduVPN, an open source solution that is very cost effective and easy to implement.

As well as setting up an encrypted connection between your computer or smartphone and your organisation's network, this service's VPN servers are fully managed and hosted by Belnet. So you no longer need to buy a licence or carry out maintenance on your infrastructure.

A mobile client application for rapid deployment within your organisation

To simplify its deployment within your organisation and provide quick access for your end users, eduVPN is available as a mobile application via Windows; macOS; Android; iOS; Google Play and Linux. A web administration interface is also available to facilitate your management.


Quick to get started

The service is available as an application via the traditional app stores (Windows, iOS, Android, MacOS and Linux).

Ease of management

As the solution is hosted by Belnet you no longer need to worry about managing hardware or maintenance. An administration interface allows you to manage all your user profiles.


eduVPN integrates easily with the different identity management systems like LDAP and SAML (the Belnet R&E Federation).




As standard, eduVPN provides you with a private, secure tunnel to your organisation's network. On request, we can look, together with you, to create other profiles such as secure internet.



Did you know?

There are currently 19 countries and over 100 institutional participants using eduVPN in Europe.
For example, the University of Minho in Portugal chose to use eduVPN. Marco Teixeira explains the reasons:

"There was a need to increase remote access capacity due to the high growth in telecommuting due to the lockdown period. After some research, we shortlisted eduVPN, a community project supported by GÉANT.

This project meets our needs and is based on well known and tested open source technologies. After a brief evaluation, we decided to adopt it. The main benefits we have observed are:

  • no licencing and financial costs
  • ease of use for our end users, especially those with mobile clients
  • applications compatible with all major platforms
  • architecture capable of horizontal scalability that has allowed us to reuse some servers for the project."

Are you looking for more administrative and technical information? Visit our knowledge base.

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