A URL shortener for Belnet R&E Federation members

If your organisation is a member of the Belnet R&E Federation, is the perfect application for quickly, securely and efficiently reducing the size of your URLs.

A tool for your entire organisation to manage your shortened URLs

Do you regularly publish links in your presentations and printouts or on social networks? Do you want to share content with your employees without using excessively long URLs? Thanks to, you can create personalised shortened URLs with a very comprehensive and easy-to-use platform.

As well as creating them, you can review the list of URLs already shortened within your organisation so you can update or delete them or change their validity date as needed. You can also create reports by seeing the number of clicks for each URL.

A tool that respects your personal data

The application benefits from Belnet's neutral position and provides guarantees in terms of security and respect for your personal data. Your data is not stored for commercial purposes and recipients are not tracked as is the case with many free applications on the internet.


Easy and fast

Obtain an ideally resized URL in just a few seconds.

Privacy friendly

The personal data of users is not stored or used for commercial purposes, as is the case with many online URL shorteners.

Customise your URLs

Customise your shortcut if necessary. You have a 30-character limit for this.

No added cost

As with every Belnet R&E Federation service, is available to all users in your organisation at no added cost.

Quick start in a few steps:

  1. Log in to the platform
  2. Insert your long URL
  3. Customise your shortcut if necessary
  4. Generate your shortened URL by clicking on "Submit URL".

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